Covid 19 Teaching Arrangements
from Sept 2021

See my risk assessment at the bottom of this page  -  Download the document here

My Music Room ...with screen, air purifier, extra ventilation, and social distancing in place. Easy access from front door and lobby. At the moment I’m not using the separating screen, but will install it again if Covid infections worsen, and Government advice is published suggesting a screen is necessary.

Ventilation ...through the room past the student and out through next room’s french doors. Further air circulation and purifying from Levoit Air Purifier

Piano lessons  …with the student at the grand piano and Alan teaching from the Roland and watching pupils’ hands via the video. At the moment I am teaching while sitting alongside students at a suitabel distance, but can revert to this video arrangement if requested or required by government guidance.


Instrumental and Singing lessons ….are as normal now. I will reinstall the screen if requested or givernment advice requires it. 

Music tech, theory and GCSE lessons ……I’m working as normal at the moment alongside students but will revert to tyese precaustions as required:  The student at the table and Alan distanced and separated by the screen. The screen helps protect both of us, but doesn't get in the way. Students can work at the table, input keyboard stokes, record vocal and instrumental tracks etc.


   Risk Assessment April 2021

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